Nick McComb
Nick McComb

Nick McComb

Electrical Engineer

I am an Electrical Engineer working at Second Order Effects in El Segundo, California. I'm a member of the Advanced Projects team, working on larger "aerospace"-style projects.

This site primarily serves to document my personal projects, though feel free to reach out if you're interested in talking about my work at SOE!

I graduated from Oregon State with an Electrical and Computer Engineering degree. Outside of my studies at Oregon State, I was the President and Mars Rover Team Lead for the OSU Robotics Club and I worked for the Ocean Mixing Group at OSU developing an autonomous oceanographic research platform, ROSS.


Feel free to contact me! Whether you are interested in talking to me about what I’ve done, the Robotics Club, or just want to chat, I’d be happy to talk to you!


Additional Resources

Block 1

Printed Circuit Boards

For more information on my PCB Design projects, including documentation and design files, visit here.

Block 2

Engineering Resources

I have multiple publicly available templates for things such as Bills of Materials and Purchase Orders, as well as a Google Sheet Add-On that makes making those things easier. Feel free to use everything on this page if it will help you!