0927150232b_HDR_resizedBus Information System

The BIS project is a pet project of mine that is designed to utilize the publicly available real-time bus information that the city of Corvallis provides for it’s buses. The device will provide a hardware-dedicated display of the ETAs for buses at stops throughout Corvallis. It was inspired by the release of the ESP8266 Wifi module that has been getting a lot of press recently. I am working on the project with Ryan Domres, with him focusing more on the hardware and mechanical components, while I am focusing more on the software and firmware for the device. We are working (albeit slowly) to eventually have a completely consumer-ready device with a selling cost of around $30.

While this project is currently on hold, I did make some great progress! I’ve gotten proof of concept pieces of hardware that worked really well and have progressed really far on the ESP8266 code. It just need another iteration (and the control unit placed on a PCB), and then it should work really well!

Project GitHub Repository


Part of the current BIS prototype hardware. We are planning to turn this board into a PCB for the next phase of testing.

BIS 3D Printed Enclosure

This shows a prototype 3D Printed enclosure for BIS. Courtesy of Ryan.

This is the PCB that drives the 7 segment displays.

This is the PCB that drives the 7 segment displays.