Computer Access Module

A better picture is coming…

My Computer Access Module was designed as a way for me to access my computer using the RFID chip implanted in my hand 🙂

It uses an Atmel 32U4 with Paul’s HalfKay bootloader to do keyboard emulation. When it detects the chip that I have in my hand (or any other programmed in 125KHz RFID tag), it types in a hardcoded password, just as a keyboard would. This allows a nicely customizable entry system for a computer.

It’s very basic and doesn’t have many frills. It was just a project that I threw together in a day or two because I wanted easier and secure access to my computer. The BOM ended up coming to around $50, most of this is the cost of the solid ID-20 RFID reader, and I am totally happy with that price. Definitely worth it for the nice RFID read distance. A few of these were manufactured to be distributed to my friends as well.

Project Resources


Ensure that you select the proper “USB Type” in the Arduino menu when programming your board. It needs to be set as “Serial + Keyboard + Mouse + Joystick” if you want to use the serial debugging that is built into the program. Feel free to remove the Serial portion if you do not want the debugging (as in a final implementation).