SpaceX Fall 2017

Group photo for the Fall SpaceX interns.

I interned at SpaceX during Fall 2017. I worked in their Hardware development group working on new Avionics hardware bringup for the then-upcoming Block 5 of the Falcon 9 rocket. Naturally, I can’t talk too much about my work here, but it was an incredible learning experience, and a crazy company to work for. I’m a huge fan of SpaceX and everything they hope to accomplish. In the end, I was offered a return internship with the Avionics Test group for Fall 2018! I can’t wait to reimmerse myself in the craziness that is the cutting edge of the commercial space program.

This really doesn’t capture the raw height of Falcon 9… I’m not that tall.

Iridium 3 Launch

While I was in Hawthrone, I was able to catch one of SpaceX’s launches from Vandenburg Air Force base, Iridium 3. The raw power that is contained, and controlled, within the Falcon 9 is incredible… Despite the 5am launch and the 4 hour trip to get there, it was absolutely worth it. The video and picture included below were taken by me.