CS161/162 TA

During my freshman year of College, I was a CS TA for introductory CS classes. I TA’d OSU’s EECS161 and EECS162 classes, taught by Jennifer Parham-Mocello. This means that I facilitated multiple labs every term, and graded student’s homework in a demo-style grading situation. This was a great experience, as it allowed me to interact with the students and ask them questions that showed more of their knowledge of that they were doing (or sometimes, lack thereof), and often made the grading process much easier to do. Much more pleasant than the alternative, sitting in a room grading students work by myself.

This experience allowed me to get a much better experience with many of the topics taught in the class, as typically comes with having to explain topics to students. The classes covered many different programming methodologies and concepts, ranging from basic syntax to polymorphism and introductory linked-list material. All of the classes were taught in C++.

I really enjoyed my time as a TA, and if I hadn’t gotten a summer job in a research lab, I definitely would have continued the next term.