ECE 323 Audio Amplifier

Project Summary

This project was a USB Powered Audio Amplifier designed to take input from a 3.5mm audio device. The project was designed, prototyped, and implemented in a 10 week term. The focus of the project was implementing an audio amplifier from my existing knowledge of amplifiers and what I learned in ECE323 (Electronics II), while following a strict set of specifications.

Project Specification

The requirements for the project are as follows:

  • Two channels
  • USB Powered
  • Outputs at least 92dB (audio)
  • Uses only discrete components
  • Total harmonic distortion less than 30%
  • Adjustable Volume (Gain)
  • System draws less than 500mA (as limited by the USB Standard)
  • Receives audio from a computer
  • PCB Assembly

For more information, my final project specification will be uploaded later.

Final Schematic (Schematic Only)

Do note, that I tweaked the resistor values that I used while assembling the board to match nominal specifications.


Visit the documentation page for the PCB [link] to view related information (schematic, design files, etc.).