LeConte Glacier

During the Summer of 2016, I traveled to Petersburg, Alaska to deploy multiple ROSS platforms. This was the first time ever that two kayaks were in the water at the same time! A very exciting accomplishment for the project. We were in the region to study the LeConte Glacier and the surrounding Ocean. One of the primary goals of the project was to determine how the Ocean interacts with, and determines the melting characteristics of, the Glacier.

We spent 3 days before and after in Petersburg setting up and packing up the Kayaks, and 7 days performing 24-hour science-ops (constant data collection for 160 hours) on the M/V Steller.

For more information on the Science performed, listen to this following segment on OPS’s Think Out Loud where my boss, Dr. Jonathan Nash, talks about the experiment:

There were also a number of important engineering tests done during this deployment. We tested the new Winch System, gen 3 EBoxes, new mechanical systems, and more!

For pictures from my trip, see the gallery below!