Mastery Proof

This page documents my achievements for the EECS Mastery Challenge. You can find more information about the program here [link].

PCB Design Level 3 Achievement

I’ve created an electronics box for a project at work. It includes 3 PCBs that I have designed. However, in total, I have designed 10 different PCB projects (since I started documenting them on this site), multiple with many different revisions (resulting in different Physical PCBs). For more information, you can view my PCB documentation here [link].

 Analog Design – Level 3

For sticklers to requirements, we didn’t include the MOSFETs in our power supply’s when I took 322 because our TA’s told us not to. But I have done projects with them, for example, this project [link] uses them to switch a relay.
A link to my Power Supply documentation can be found here [link].

 Arduino – Level 1

AVR Microcontrollers – Level 1

Client Side Networking – Level 1

This image shows me connected to a RaspberryPi at work, and tracerouting the connection to the Pi (which is just the Pi, because the pi is broadcasting the Wifi network). I am connected to the Pi using PuTTY, a ssh client.

Client Side Networking – Level 2


Code referenced in video:

Encryption/Decryption program [link] Script [link]

PCB Assembly – Level 3

For this level, I demo’d my PCB assembly setup at work.

Project Management – Level 2

For my project management submission, I would like to submit that I am the President of the Robotics Club. The club is the largest academic student organization on campus (185 paid members already for Mid-October of 2016), with 14 different officers reporting either to me directly or indirectly. The officer layout has been included below for reference. There are many different projects that are encompassed by the Robotics Club, including competition teams, event planning, competition hosting, membership networking opportunities, membership competitions, and the list goes on and on. All of these are ultimately overseen by me in my capacity as President. Two specific examples from this year specifically: Development of a RFID entry system for our lab, and hosting of a 200+ person kickoff event week two of the term. These are just two examples out of many, many projects.

Robotics Club Organizational Layout.

Robotics Club Organizational Layout.

Python – Level 1

Version Control

For the version control achievement, I finished the tutorial. I also use my own GitHub frequently for personal projects, for school, and for work. You can see my activity here [link].