Motor Node


This board drives one of the Mars Rover’s wheels. It’s designed to be a breakout board for one of Pololu’s 21A motor driver boards, allowing it to be controlled over RS485 from the IRIS Node.

Note, if you’re using the design, the traces going to the motor driver are only rated for 10A continuous, so be careful with the actual amount of current that you run through the motors. If you need to, bodge a wire in parallel with the XT30 connector to add more current capability. This design limitation was forced because of the space constraint that this board was designed into.

This design is completely open-source, the design files can be found at CircuitMaker.

Bill of Materials

Motor Node V2 BOM

Motor Node V1 BOM


Motor Node V2 Schematic

Motor Node V1 Schematic

Motor Node V1 Composite Drawing