This page will document the main Power Distribution Board for ROSS when the documentation is completed.


These are the features of the latest version of this board.

  • 20v reference
  • 10v precision reference
  • 5v supply capable of 10A
  • 3v3 supply
  • 2v5 reference
  • 4x current sense
    • 5v Throttle servo
    • 5v System power
    • 5v Computer power
    • 12v Steering servo
  • Voltage scaling for external current sense (XTend Daughterboard)
  • R/C Reciever power output
  • XTend Daughterboard power output
  • Iridium Location Beacon power output
  • Computer power output
  • Steering servo power output
  • Protection against backfeeding power from all components that might need to be powered separately (Pixhawk, Auxillary board)
  • Fuses the alternator power from the engine to the steering servo
  • Allows switching on/off of the power to the steering servo while operational
  • Logic Level Conversion for the 3v3 outputs of the Pixhawk into 5v PWM signals for throttle and steering
  • Voltage rail current sense (using a differential OpAmp multiplier)
  • Dual FT2232 UART Chip to support modem communication (see XTend Daughterboard)
  • Supports an ATxmega32E5 Microcontroller running at 32MHz
    • Supports remote steering servo override (using hardware PWM generation)
    • Internal EBox Temperature monitoring
    • Current Sensing
    • Voltage Sensing
    • On/Off Switch passthrough (see internal documentation for more)

Assembly Notes

R24 should be replaced with a 1K if power diodes (D2, D15, D17, D19, D20) are used .


Issues are available here on GitHub


ROSSPowerDistribution Schematic v2.3

Legacy Documents

ROSSPowerDistribution Schematic v2.2

ROSSPowerDistribution Schematic v2.1

ROSSPowerDistribution Schematic v2 (download for 3D PCB render, requires Adobe Reader/DC)

Power Distribution BOM v2.2

Power Distribution BOM v2

Note: BOM v2 works for board hardware v2 and v2.1