Throughout my years in Engineering, I’ve developed numerous different resources that could benefit others. I’ve documented some of them here. Feel free to use any that could benefit you!

Lab Resources

If you are developing a lab, and are looking to outfit it, you can reference the following Google Doc that I used when I was establishing an Electronics Lab at a new Job (OMG).

Lab Supplies Purchase Order

Engineering Documents

I’ve developed several documents over the years. Primarily I have worked in Google Docs because of the convenience, and sometimes Google’s API integration. The documents that I have developed can be found below. They are always kept up to date (I only have 1 template), so you will always be viewing the latest version.

Purchase Order

I’ve made a document that serves as my Purchase Orders when I am preparing a purchase.

Purchase Order Template

Special Features

I’ve added an extra feature for my POs, which I find optimizes my workflow. I’ve written some Javascript in that document that helps add links. Essentially, whenever you use the syntax: “link [url]”, the document automatically prepares a hyperlink (note: completely replace the [url] block with the url, there should be no brackets in your final input (unless your url has them)). Simply hit enter or change cells after entering, and the script will automatically process.

Bill of Materials

Bill of Materials Template

BOM Helper

To download my hyper-experimental Google Sheets Add-on, follow the link below.

BOM Helper in the Add-On Store

If you would like to request a new feature, please fill out this form.

Importing BOM price in another google sheet

=IMPORTRANGE("--Sheet ID Here--", "N3")

Open-Source Coding

I’m a big fan of programming in general, and I’ve made most of the code I’ve written (so far) open-source on GitHub. There’s quite a bit of it, so it might not be useful to you, but this section highlights what might be.

Arduino Projects

Arduino Projects Repo on Github

I have a repo that is dedicated to projects that can find multiple uses. An example of what I have on there currently, ranges from a Serial Passthough (very basic), to a decently fully-featured Analog Data Logger (with optional RTC readings). Feel free to use what you like, all of the code is open source using an MIT license.

Programming Resources

Atmel AVR XMega Series Microcontrollers

Working with XMegas is a dichotomy of tons of great features, and maybe not the best documentation (and almost total lack of online-userbase). I found a tool that generates that hardest part of Embedded programming (in my opinion), the setup, for you.

CodeWizardAVR by Hewlett Packard (apparently)