Reflow Oven during a reflow cycle

This page includes information that I have put together regarding a cheap/custom reflow oven solution.

Resources to Buy

Reflowser Reflow Oven Kit



Oster Toaster Oven (or similar)


Syringe Application Route

Kester Solder Paste Syringe: 63/37, No-Clean

Syringe Plunger

“Medium” Dispenser Needle (most used)

Small Dispenser Needle (does not work with my Solder Paste)

Paste Application Route

CHIPQUIK T3 Paste (Larger pitch)

CHIPQUICK T5 Paste (Smaller pitch)

Creating a Stencil using Gerbers

After a while of looking, I compiled my own guide using various sources to make stencils from generic Gerber files.

Stencil Creation Guide [link]