ROSS Fraser River Testing

During the week of January 11th, 2016, I traveled with members of my lab up to the Fraser River near Richmond, B.C. We were up there to participate in a research cruise that was studying the river plume that was evident during that time. We also were trying out new configurations of ROSS, in preparation for shipping it to New Zealand later this year. The plume was much more visible that I thought it would be. See the picture below for ROSS traversing it.

0114161534b_HDR (Large)

River plume on the Fraser River. Very distinct interaction of fresh water and salt water. Apologies for the quality, ROSS was pretty far away.

Below are a few of the pictures that I took during my trip. They’re all out on the river during the day.

Notes about the trip (blog):

I definitely like trains. I rode Amtrak all the way from Portland, OR to Vancouver, BC, and it was a very pleasant experience. We stayed in a nice apartment during the nights, which was great because the accommodations on the ship were pretty tiny. Manageable, just not comfortable. The Kayak mostly worked, too! Our new electronics had an unknown problem, so we switched to a backup set that we had, and that worked perfectly the entire time.