Amateur Radio

I am a Technician Class Amateur radio operator with the callsign KG7PGD.

Personal HAM Resources

Open Source Radio Programmer (CHIRP) [link]

For a reference of HAM information local to Corvallis, OR, check out Corwin Perren’s Corvallis Reference [here].

Excerpt description of a potential chat (from Hangouts chatting with Corwin):

okay, so normally

For 2 meters

the simplex (one person at a time) calling frequency is 146.52

Normally, if you were wanting to talk to me and we both just had our radios on and chilling on that

I’d do a call like this

This is KG7HTH, Kilo-Golf-Seven-Tango-Hotel-Tango calling KG7PGD, (nato-phonetic) on 2 meters

You’d respond with

KG7HTH, this is (your call), (your call phonetic) 

ah, see

already missed a thing

missed my over’s


over over


And then at that point I’d respond, hi (callsign), lets change to (freq)

and we’d do a similar short call on that freq

to make sure it’s clear

doesn’t really have to have phonetic, only if we want 

then once we’ve reestablished the link on that non-calling frequency

we can chat away