ASIRI 2015

During the Summer of 2015, I traveled to the Indian Ocean (specifically the Bay of Bengal) with my lab (the Ocean Mixing Group) and I assisted in studying the Air-Sea interaction in the region. The study was funded in the hopes that it would help reveal the secrets of the nearly-unpredictable monsoons in the region. My particular area of expertise was in maintaining and facilitating the ROSS platform, as well as other sensor monitoring on the ship.

I flew to Chennai, India to meet our Research Vessel in Port. We stayed in India for a week before we actually left the port, both to do VISA-related stuff and to work on the ship while not on the sea. We then were on the Bay of Bengal for a full 30 days! That’s 30 days outside of the EEZ (Economic Exclusion Zone) which extended 100 miles from India’s borders, so we didn’t see land for that long! The whole journey was an amazing experience. Definitely full of hard work, as you might imagine (30 days of 12 hour shifts can wear on you…), but totally rewarding. ROSS had fully 6 successful deployments (2 which were 100% successful), one of which lasted for around 30 hours! I learned a lot on the cruise and met a lot of great people. Seriously, Oceanographers are awesome 😉

Check out the gallery below for pictures from the trip: