This page will document the main Power Distribution Board for ROSS when the documentation is completed.


These are the features of the latest version of this board.

  • 20v reference
  • 10v precision reference
  • 5v supply capable of 10A
  • 3v3 supply
  • 2v5 reference
  • 4x current sense
    • 5v Throttle servo
    • 5v System power
    • 5v Computer power
    • 12v Steering servo
  • Voltage scaling for external current sense (XTend Daughterboard)
  • R/C Reciever power output
  • XTend Daughterboard power output
  • Iridium Location Beacon power output
  • Computer power output
  • Steering servo power output
  • Protection against backfeeding power from all components that might need to be powered separately (Pixhawk, Auxillary board)
  • Fuses the alternator power from the engine to the steering servo
  • Allows switching on/off of the power to the steering servo while operational
  • Logic Level Conversion for the 3v3 outputs of the Pixhawk into 5v PWM signals for throttle and steering
  • Voltage rail current sense (using a differential OpAmp multiplier)
  • Dual FT2232 UART Chip to support modem communication (see XTend Daughterboard)
  • Supports an ATxmega32E5 Microcontroller running at 32MHz
    • Supports remote steering servo override (using hardware PWM generation)
    • Internal EBox Temperature monitoring
    • Current Sensing
    • Voltage Sensing
    • On/Off Switch passthrough (see internal documentation for more)

Assembly Notes

R24 should be replaced with a 1K if power diodes (D2, D15, D17, D19, D20) are used .


Issues are available here on GitHub


ROSSPowerDistribution Schematic v2.3

Bill of Materials

Power Distribution BOM v2.3

Legacy Documents

ROSSPowerDistribution Schematic v2.2

ROSSPowerDistribution Schematic v2.1

ROSSPowerDistribution Schematic v2 (download for 3D PCB render, requires Adobe Reader/DC)

Power Distribution BOM v2.2

Power Distribution BOM v2

Note: BOM v2 works for board hardware v2 and v2.1